Startup Programs

Branding & Strategy


We help students and individuals or startups to incubate under our well established technology and grow under the experts who already made it.
Branding & Strategy

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are one of our fast and forward moving program where we benefit our mutual available expertise and technologies and help each other to grow.
Branding & Strategy

Launch Programs

Startup Launch program is ideal for students and first-time entrepreneurs who are ready to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. All you need is a positive attitude and willingness to put all your energy into building a new venture. We help to form startup teams based on entrepreneurial skills and guide through an intense process where you learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur
Branding & Strategy

Accelerator Programs

Our Accelerator program is geared towards startup teams that already have a well defined business idea. During this program we teach the most effective techniques to conduct advanced user experiments to test your sales/marketing strategy and pricing model. Here, we will help to accelerate your startup to acheive breakeven and become profitable.
Branding & Strategy

Seed Funding

At Awiskar Lab, we help small and very early startups with seed funding to kickstart their operation to next level and keep their sustainable growth.
Branding & Strategy

Merger & Acquisition

We help startups and companies looking for any kind of exit or merger & acquisition. We connect with the right clight who can bring the right offer suiting your expections for a better deal.